Found life full of meaning

For 16 years of life I saw everything. I always thought that I was unnecessary in this life. I hadn’t real friends. Those who were couldn’t understand me completely. Time run and I grew up. Thank God that I could write verses and expressed all pain and loneliness which I had felt. In that time someone presented me a New Testament, which caused find God. Unfortunately I hadn’t found God properly. I saw on myself and thought that I am smallness. Bat something had happened that made me stood by one leg in the hell. I am confident that someone had prayed for me, I don’t know who. I decided to kill myself. I set a date. If God didn’t interfere, devil would won. It is wonderful that you can come to God like you are. God gave me meaning of life and happiness. Jesus became not only my God and Saver but He became a good friend and older brother. Now I know where I am going, why I am living. Praise the Lord. God loves you!!!!!!

Alex Avdeev

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