Doctors said: stay alive could just one.

My name is Helen. I want to tell the story of my life. Before I had perceived God I hadn’t a happy life. My 18 years old sister had died while explosion in her school. After this my life views had changed on the bad side. I met a boy and we started to live in civil marriage. I was pregnant. Pregnancy followed hard, because I had chronic ailment. Doctors said that I could bare defective babe. Can you imagine what I had in my heart? Thank God that I had friend like Inna. She said that God could help me if I would believe in Him. I had confessed. Than my lovely daughter was born. She was healthy. Also I want thanks God for saving my husband. Before confession he smoked, drunk which were reasons of our quarrels. Halleluiah! He had changed. Now we are praying for our relatives.

Helen Rozit.

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