If you are, change my life!

I didn’t bring up in spirit of Christianity, I hadn’t desire listen to the teachers.

Falsify the marks I learnt at the 1 form. My parents tried to influence on me, but influence of street won. To lie, to be a pickpocket and a lot of other interesting things I was taught by street.

While I was growing, my negative desires were growing too. Since 15 years I tried to find myself in everything: cigarettes, alcohol, drugs. So when I was 20 I sold drugs and every time when I earned this dirty money many sad stories had happened with me. I could bye defective TV or when I wanted to bye new cloth I was attacked with a gung.

Just in that time I had started to think that somebody was on the heaven and His watch. As I said I didn’t like reading and learning, but after all events which had happened to me I begun to read classical literature, which was unnatural for me. I felt that someone had inspired me to find God.

One day I visited my friend who was authority for me and saw on his table a Bible. I was surprised. Than followed the question: why was this book in such wise person as you? He answered: all classic of motion, theatre and literature took their beginning from Bible. I understood that person whom I tried to find was God. Once in autumns evening of 1995 I kneeled and spoke to God. There were simple words: If you were, change my life! Now understand much better that Dostoevkiy said: decisions of all problems are just in Jesus.

Since that time I had changed. Now I am working child’s hairdresser, lead a group and on my own example try to make our world more brightness.

Igor Didenko.

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