God solved a problem of my sterility

My name is Inna. I had got married when I was 18 and it was seemed that everything was great and I hadn’t need anything. My mother-in-law was believer, who invite me go to the church for a lot of times, but I refused and mock at her faith. One year later from our wedding the problems had been started. I hadn’t answers on the questions which I had on that time. I decided to do to the church with my mother-in-law. Two month later I had confessed. God started to change myself and my habits. I had given up smoking. God was on the first place for me. Than I entered the Biblical college where I am still learning. But in family was a problem. We hadn’t a child. Doctors diagnosed sterility. I want you to know God make miracles. My son was born last year. Than my husband left me when I was with one month baby. I was desponded. If I hadn’t God in my heart and support from my mother-in-law I committed suicide. But there is nothing impossible for God. One year later my family was restored. On the Christmas my husband had confessed. And I am teacher from the Sunday’s school. Now I am happy.

Inna Kabanec.

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