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August. Church prayer 2019. Year of the Holy Spirit “Month of Peace” 🕊️

меньший слуга • 2 weeks назад

1️⃣ Blessing of Bishop Philip Savochka: for God’s protection of the family, health, and ministry.
2️⃣ The blessing of the pastor and ministers of the church (children’s ministry, teenage, groups), for serving in Pustovarovka: God’s protection of families, health, ministry.
3️⃣ For peace:
☑️ in my heart and mind;
☑️ in my family and in relationships with relatives;
☑️ in Ukraine.
4️⃣ For the stabilization of the economic and political situation in Ukraine.
5️⃣ For the blessing of sister churches: in Knyazhichi (pastor Organanyuk Roman) and the Salvation church on Borshchagivka (pastor Olga Sinelnikova).
6️⃣ Needs of the church: for the purchase of their own premises or land for the construction of the church building. For the return of the departed and the salvation of relatives and friends.

Congratulation from pastor Melvin Adams

меньший слуга • 2 years назад

Dear Pastor Sasha Koltukov, friends and members, I bring you greetings from all of my family (Sandy, Melvin, Erica, Clarissa, Benjamin, Christopher and Nickolas) on this special occasion of the celebration of 25 years for your church! To God be the glory for all He has done and continues to do in and through you. (…)