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Christmas 2017. The Christmas play

меньший слуга • 3 years назад

(Русский) Рождественское служение. 7 января 2017.
Церковь Божьей Славы. Киев.

Happy 8th of March!

Александр Колтуков • 7 years назад

We’re moving

Александр Колтуков • 8 years назад

Praise God! Happened that, has long time all been waiting for and as they prayed. We have found a new placed under office of the Church and for Ministries. In contrast to the previous place of rent, the new placed we remove around the clock, and hence the time constraints holding ministries and various events (…)

We invite you to join April’s fasting and prayer

Александр Колтуков • 9 years назад

We invite everyone to join the church’s monthly fasting and prayer, to be held on April 2 on Saturday. The purpose of fasting – is to know and fulfill God’s expectations in their lives.

Church of the God`s Glory – 18 years – promo roller

меньший слуга • 9 years назад

Church of the God`s Glory – 18 years – promo a roller.

We celebrate the anniversary – 18 years!

Александр Колтуков • 10 years назад

(Русский) We invite you and your family to celebratory services which will pass:

On October, 3rd, 2010 at 10:00 and 18:00

Recreation center of “Svjatoshino” (Bingo), avenue of the Victory 112

We need responsible leaders

меньший слуга • 10 years назад

(Русский) Нужны ответственные лидеры служений, которые могли бы взяться за наполнение рубрик сайта.

17 years

меньший слуга • 11 years назад

Thank God! Today, our church is God’s glory celebrated its birthday, we celebrated 17 years!

Our Newspaper

меньший слуга • 11 years назад

Good evening! In January of this year, we began to publish a newspaper of our church. Now you can read the newspaper and Offshore form.