International Prayer for revival 2010

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From 30 April to 2 May in Kiev will be “International Prayer for Awakening 2010»

International Prayer for AwakeningIn Kiev hosted the first organizing committee « International Prayer for Awakening 2010 », which has become an annual event. What has this year’s event certainly becoming more popular and unifying character, because his were the initiators of churches and associations of churches all across the Ukraine, member of Ukrainian Interchurch Council, many of them even carry the Saturday and Sunday worship in their churches Sports Palace  in the days of «prayer for revival ». We are now negotiating with the heads of all major Christian denominations, focusing on participation and unity of all churches in this good cause.In addition, as in the past year, all « prayer for revival » will be broadcast and covered live of CNL and megaportal expectations of future events shared the organizing committee members.

Philip Savochka , Bishop, senior pastor of the church « Salvation » (Ukraine): “I am pleased that preparations for the second” Prayer “is more in depth and organized. I think it will cover many more people than the first. It will be a great example for the entire body of Christ to rise together in prayer. “Boris Grisenko , Rabbi of Kiev Messianic Jewish Communities : «We see that the” prayer for the awakening “- this is God’s work, which implemented in reality and expanding its borders. The prayer will permeate all three days of the event, and we believe that God will not leave us without an answer. “Sergei Shidlovskii , the leader and founder of the « Movement God Seekers »: «It is a prayer” for “! We affirm and support the existing government, the various faiths and denominations. This prayer focuses on unity, for the good of the world, to love and happiness of our peoples.Vladimir Muntean , senior pastor of the spiritual center « Renaissance »: «I expect from this great God of change. I think that after this prayer, God will make something special. “David Chebotarev , Director of the Association of Churches « Gospel » (Ukraine): “I see that all pastors, ministers understand the importance of This prayer and actively participate in the preparation. We as a church should not miss these important events. “Sofia Zhukotanskaya , senior pastor of the church « Holy Place »: «When we did this event for the first time, it was a test, and we all turned out. Now I feel that God expands our limits. He wants the whole world to gather in one and the same time to pray with us, and I believe that we will succeed in it! »Also expected a large number of international speakers and guests, after all Prayer will cover all Russian-speaking community across the face of the earth, so that their region will be able, together with hundreds of thousands of believers to intercede for their country.As planned by the organizers of the “International Prayer for Awakening ;, grand closing prayers will be held in Kiev on Independence Square, where all the speakers and guests will hold a joint prayer on the basis of all the days events. Also, the baton from “Prayers for Awakening” take “a Christian music concert, which will be attended by popular Christian artists and groups. In other words, the scale and scope of the event this year already exceeds all expectations and past experience.At the end of the organizing committee of the International Prayer for Awakening “members of the organizing committee recorded a video message to all Christians to support the impending prayer and become a part of God’s great awakening in the former Soviet Union.Paul Kulakevich , pastor, author and presenter, “Your family is in the light of the Bible:” Friends, we invite all to pray, to be held in Ukraine in Kiev ! »Sofia Zhukotanskaya :« Let’s get together and we pray and seek the Lord! Let’s all lift up prayers for our country that God had mercy and bless us! »Boris Grisenko :« Try not to miss this special prayer chance! »Vladimir Muntean : «Every awakening and blessing over the country begins with a prayer. Scripture says that when we put up and start to cry out to God, then He will visit the earth. “David Chebotarev : «Come to prayer! Let us pray together and watch what God will do! »Sergei Velbovets , president InVictory Media Group:« I encourage absolutely everyone to leave their affairs, to come and participate in “International Prayer for Awakening. This unprecedented event! »Sergei Shidlovskii :« Let us pray. Prayer – the key to awakening! »Philip Savochka :« I invite each and every! Whoever you were: pastor, bishop, minister, simply a Christian – come and pray, support prayer for revival! »Prayer requests and the unity of the Body of Christ are the main tools the main goal – spiritual awakening of our peoples.

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