Prayer Ring «construct Protection»

(v) • 11 years назад

During the political, social and financial crisis, Christian confessions in Ukraine are united in prayer for Ukraine and Kiev. Prayer Rally – “Construct Protection” will be held 12, 13, 14 December in Kiev – said Christian megaportal

“We construct a defense” is a special prayer support and fight of faith. But to accomplish this vocation must be unity of overall efforts of all the people of God to withstand this difficult time.

“Prayer Rally -” Construct Protection “very ambitious, and covers all the Christian churches, regardless of denomination. All the churches, without exception, have responded to this action, – says Sergey Balyuk – Bishop of the Christian Evangelical Church. We hear the good reviews and a desire to take part of the priests, pastors and ordinary Christians. This will be the people’s prayer. At a time when the country and the world crisis, when politicians, economists and financiers do not know what to do, there is only one way out – prayer. We urge all citizens to join this prayer. Even if you can not come to Kiev, organize a prayer in his city. “

We offer you a plan of Prayer Action – Let’s Build Protection:

– December 13, Saturday from 15:00 to 16:00 the prayer at the designated places;

15:00 to 17:00 Praise and Worship – Independence Square, 2 (House of Trade Unions);

16:00 departure to the evening prayer;

17:00 Evening Prayer – Independence Square, 2 (House of Trade Unions), certificates of prayer, praise and worship, common prayer;

– December 14, Sunday continued prayers in churches, at 15:00 the final service under the open sky on Vladimir’s Hill.

The place for prayer: the Presidential Administration, the Supreme Council;

City Hall, the Supreme Court, National Bank, the Government building, a monument to Motherland, automobile entrances: Obukhovskaya trail (near the road sign “Kiev”), Zhytomyr trail (near the road sign “Kiev”), Borispol highway (near the road sign “Kiev” ), Chernihiv trail (near the road sign “Kiev”), Warsaw trail (near the road sign “Kiev”), Odessa trail (near the road sign “Kiev”), the central railway station, bus station, Airport:, Juliani, Golden Gate; St. Andrew’s Church, Independence Square, “broadcaster UT-1”. Prayer at each particular place is headed by a pastor or bishop. He is also responsible for organizing the prayer (the organization of people, began a prayer; provides slogans, symbols, following the procedure).

We call on all Christians who care to come to the desired location and to adhere to the construction of the wall of prayer for the protection and blessing of Ukraine and its capital Kiev.