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August. Church prayer 2019. Year of the Holy Spirit “Month of Peace” 🕊️

Олексій • 3 years назад

1️⃣ Blessing of Bishop Philip Savochka: for God’s protection of the family, health, and ministry.
2️⃣ The blessing of the pastor and ministers of the church (children’s ministry, teenage, groups), for serving in Pustovarovka: God’s protection of families, health, ministry.
3️⃣ For peace:
☑️ in my heart and mind;
☑️ in my family and in relationships with relatives;
☑️ in Ukraine.
4️⃣ For the stabilization of the economic and political situation in Ukraine.
5️⃣ For the blessing of sister churches: in Knyazhichi (pastor Organanyuk Roman) and the Salvation church on Borshchagivka (pastor Olga Sinelnikova).
6️⃣ Needs of the church: for the purchase of their own premises or land for the construction of the church building. For the return of the departed and the salvation of relatives and friends.