The rehabilitation center

Presently new technologies, people have access to many things. To сожелению because of wrong priorities and ability to make a correct choice, many people search for pleasures in drugs, alcohol, to smoking. The sad fact, many of them simply wished to try any of the listed habits and and несмогли to stop. Moreover, they still большестали зависить from these habits which began to ruin their health, family and the attitude to a life.


Jesus has told: *quot; Come to Me all труждающиеся and burdened, and I shall calm you; take My yoke on myself and learn from Me for I am mild and restrained by heart, and will find rest to your showers; for the yoke My blessing, and My burden is easy.” (Mf.11:28-30)

We ребцентр is created helping people who are dependent on drugs, alcohol and smoking.

If you realize, that you are dependent on a bad habit and wish to be released from it, address to us in the rehabilitation center the “Life”.

Call: +38(044) 407-66-68